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Solar inverter
The SOLSEN solar inverter system consists of a Solar Photovoltaic panel to generate DC power, a battery bank to store the
DC power and an inverter. The new product line of inverter convert DC energy from solar modules into clean and stable AC
power that is ideal for power demanding appliances.
Solar power charging
3G Technology
Gravity sensible battery charger
Dual charging method
Automatic EB changeover
Automatic Intelligent charging current control
600VA Solar Inverter
1 Fan+ 2 Light = 3 hrs backup.

1000VA Solar inverter
2 Fan+2 Light+1 TV = 3 hrs backup
Solar module, Module stand ,inverter, Battery,
Battery stand, 10m wire
10 Years for Solar Module,
Two years for Battery and Inverter.

S.NO   Solar inverter Electrical inverter
1 Charging Uses solar energy / EB power Uses only EB Power
2 EB Bill Not recurring Recurring every month
3 Power Cut Problem Reduces Will increase
4 Eco friendly YES NO
5 Depriciation 80% 15%

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